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Proud to serve the interest of Idaho Business owners.

J. Reid & Associates is proud to continue to support organizations in Idaho in the tradition first established by Ringert Law Chartered in 1937. James Reid, senior partner in the renowned Ringer Law group prior to the firm’s dissolution, understands the legal challenges faced by business owners in their community. By providing legal representation in a wide range of business law areas, J. Reid & Associates truly understands the full spectrum of legal needs that organizations face in Idaho. We pride ourselves on providing top quality, cost effective representation that allows business owners to reach their goals.

Areas of Specialized Legal Practice:

  • Employment Law: Providing advisement on establishing business policies, procedures, and contracts that are compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations
    Services include - Proper Practices in Employment Settings, Labor / Management Relations, Proper Termination / Separation Actions, Rights and Liabilities of Independent Contractors, and Employment Agreements
  • Estate Planning: Providing legal strategies and document services to manage your estate
    Services include - Wills (Simple and Complex), Trusts, Guardianships, Durable Power of Attorney, Avoiding Probate and Pre-Probate Planning, Living Wills, and Tax Considerations
  • Liquor Licensing: Assisting businesses with obtaining liquor licenses as well as assistance in the event of a liquor violation
  • Civil Litigation: Providing legal counsel in the event of a lawsuit
    Services include - Drafting Legal Documents, Planning, Litigation, Trial and Appeal, Determining Rights and Duties, Determining Needs, and Applicability of Federal and State Laws
  • Insurance Defense: Expert advisement in all areas of business insurance litigation
    Services Include - Policy Coverage,Defense of Insureds (including self-insureds),Defense of Governmental Entities, Negligence,Products Liability,Professional Malpractice,Environmental Liability,Premises Liability
  • Limited Liability Companies: Providing advisement on the best strategy for your company to establish itself.
    Services Include - Establishment of Limited Liability Companies and Corporations
  • Governmental Affairs: Assisting business owners in navigating the complex government regulations and providing advocacy for your business needs
    Services Include - Administrative Law,Constitutional Law,Government Relations, Legislation,Lobbying, Political and Election Law

J. Reid & Associates is proud to offer a wide range of services and legal expertise. Contact us today to see how we can help with your specific situation. 

Our Legal Team

James G. Reid
Attorney at Law

General Practice, Governmental Affairs, Personal Injury, Employment, Insurance Defense, and Real Estate

Jennifer R. Mahoney
Attorney at Law

General Practice, Insurance Defense, Estate Planning, and Personal Injury